I believe that you can create any reality you want for yourself and I’m here to bring harmony to your relationships.

I teach you how to use your voice to establish relationships that grow with you and make you really freakin’ happy!

connect to your intuition by understanding the deep desires of your soul.

uncover who you really are and what you really want and then create it.

invite more connection and intimacy into your life by being an embodiment of unconditional love.

Hi! I’m Lauren Piccini Markos!

I used to be a shy girl who went with the flow and pretty much did what everyone else around me was doing. I hated making decisions and spent way too much time mulling over that, “Did I make the right decision?” question.

And this “cool girl” attitude landed me in a lot of relationships that were not aligned with the woman I wanted to be. I got cheated on, walked all over and taken advantage of over and over again.

It took me years to realize that these experiences were a result of me not showing up as the woman I really was. I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t so others would claim me. But how could they claim me if they didn’t even know me?

Exactly. They couldn’t. So I attracted men who were just like me– disconnected from who they were and had no idea what they wanted. 

As I started getting connected to myself, I uncovered the version of Lauren I had been dreaming of. She was calm, confident and ask for what she wanted. Her voice was a source of power and an ally in helping her create the life and relationships she had been craving for her whole life.