You have a vision for your life-- it's big, it's grand and it's something no one in your family has ever experienced before.

You're independent, you take care of yourself and are always setting goals and going after them.

You've got it all together and you're ready for a man to give you that, "I'll pick you up at 7, wear a dress energy."

You're craving that opens car doors, takes care of himself, "I've got this," masculine man.

And I can't forget..waking up to fresh flowers and forehead kisses on a Sunday morning 😍

So why is it so hard to find consistency and security these days?
You keep meeting guys who feed you the same, "You're so beautiful, how are you single?" line 🤢 and love bomb you for a few weeks and then disappear, only to pop back up a month later.
Can I get a NO THANK YOU!?
You're over the games and are ready to experience that calm, stable, secure love that right now feels like a daydream instead of a probable reality.
Don't worry, I'm here! Your dating fairy Godmother who is here to ✨ bippity, boppity, boo ✨ you into a confident, courageous, in love with her life Queen that magnetizes high quality men effortlessly because that's her damn vibe.

A few years ago, I went from a toxic serial dater to engaged and married in less than 1 year.

Exactly 1 year before I met my husband, I decided that I was done with the whole kinda-sorta-but-not-really relationship thing.

I'd spent the last decade in a vicious cycle of repeating toxic behaviors and also accepting toxic behavior. I never felt like I was "chosen" and always felt like an option when it came to men. And I was tired. I felt like I had everything, every quality that someone looked for, so wtf was the problem?!

I was...

I didn't have self-accountability.

I thought attracting men that didn't see my worth and value was just my "luck" and that it just happened to me because that's how dating goes and eventually I'll find one that's not an a*hole.

That last part happened, but it didn't happen by chance or luck. It happened because I took ownership over every single relationship I had-- good and bad.

I had to own up to my part-- my contributions-- the part of me that needed validation to feel worthy.

I had to heal my triggers, my abandonment and my patterns of unworthiness that had been in my bloodline for generations.

I had to explore everything I'd been hiding from. I had to clear out emotional space so I could make room for the type of love I'd been craving-- the unconditional, consistent, secure kind.

Within 1 year of doing this work, I found him.

I was ready for him because for the first time in my life, I had space for him. This is how you make room for blessings: by clearing out the pain, triggers and shame that aren't serving you.

The Limitless Experience helps you begin this process-- it lays out a map of the inner work that needs to be done so you can be magnetic and thrive in love.

And! I'll be teaching you my unique healing process (that I use regularly) that you can use over and over again to bring peace and clarity to you life.

I'm trying to get this information in as many women's hands as I can-- so the price is $27 (but the value is more like $497)!

SO-- tell your gfs and let's upgrade your love life!


What else do you get?

+ 4 group coaching calls with Lauren + Q&A
+ 4 modules each with their own workbook
+ access to Lauren via email for duration of the program (12/6-12/12)
+ Lauren's unique process for understanding your past and it's impact on your currently reality so you can heal and unlock the magical relationships you're meant to have
+ a supportive, loving space to feel your emotions and dive deep into the depths of your soul
+ lifetime access in the course portal

Hi! I'm Lauren Piccini Markos!

I used to be a shy girl who went with the flow and pretty much did what everyone else around me was doing. I hated making decisions and spent way too much time mulling over that, "Did I make the right decision?" question.

And this "cool girl" attitude landed me in a lot of relationships that were not aligned with the woman I wanted to be. I got cheated on, walked all over and taken advantage of over and over again.

It took me years to realize that these experiences were a result of me not showing up as the woman I really was. I was pretending to be someone I wasn't so others would claim me. But how could they claim me if they didn't even know me?


Exactly. They couldn't. So I attracted men who were just like me-- disconnected from who they were and had no idea what they wanted. 

As I started getting connected to myself, I uncovered the version of Lauren I had been dreaming of. She was calm, confident and ask for what she wanted. Her voice was a source of power and an ally in helping her create the life and relationships she had been craving for her whole life.

My voice led me to my husband (yes-- I said hi first!) and healthy, conscious communication played a pivotal role in the success of our relationship and marriage. 

To have the relationship I have now, I had to break decades of conditioning and patterns that lived in my bloodline for generations along with healing my own anger, emotional pain and shame I carried for way too long. 

Now, I'm a Love Coach and my mission is to help you tap into your innate intuition and feminine energy to create the life you've been craving.

I do this by shining a big light on the parts of yourself you don't like showing to everyone else. But these hidden parts of you hold so much wisdom and by listening to and understanding them, you can transmute the pain, fear and shame you feel into unconditional love for yourself, those around you and every part of your life.

You are who you've been searching for and I'm here to show you the way!